Special Effects

Special Effects

Add a “Wow” effect to your First Dance, Awards Ceremony, Cake-cut or other special moment with Dry ice, Cold Sparks or a combination of both special effects.

Dancing in the Clouds Dry Ice is the perfect distraction if you want the focus taken off you both for a moment during your first dance.

It will envelope your feet, as well as the entire dancefloor of guests, perfect for any couples a little self-conscious of their dancing feet!

The dramatic effect of the swirling dry ice will draw gasps from your guests as well as providing beautiful opportunities for your photographer.

Quickly following this will be cheers as fountains of cold sparks accompany the chorus points of your first dance track.

A combination of both effects will make sure this special moment is remembered as something that little bit different to the average first dance!

For Awards Ceremonies, the sparks accompanying walk-up music and follow-spot lighting can combine to create a very special moment of recognition.

We also have pyrotechnic effects that can be provided outside with the permission of your venue. Please ask for details.